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OpiSafe is the best way to prescribe and monitor opioids. Our solution performs risk stratification for each patient on the basis of Morphine Equivalent dosing ranges, Pain and Function scores, Opioid Misuse Risk scores and automated PDMP checks.

In addition to saving time and creating peace of mind, using OpiSafe may also qualify you for savings on your Malpractice Insurance.

With OpiSafe, you can prescribe opioids with greater confidence that ever before. Designed by experts in clinical and pharmaceutical science, OpiSafe combines many of the recognized best practices for prescribing opiates in easy to use interfaces.

Here are just a few of the benefits of using OpiSafe to manage your opioid prescribing:

Risk Reduction
OpiSafe is recognized by Malpractice Insurers as a product that can reduce liability for prescribers. Your insurer may provide discounts for using OpiSafe.

Quickly Assess Pain, Risk and Function
With OpiSafe, you can easily serve pain, risk and function assessments that can be completed by the patient within minutes.

Calculate Morphine Equivalents
Know the morphine equivalents of the opioid dosage you are prescribing and the correlating risk.

Quicker Access to PDMP Reports
Statewide PDMP databases take several minutes to query. OpiSafe retrieves the patient’s PDMP report within seconds.

Easier Management of Patient Agreements
OpiSafe can serve your patient agreement to patients, complete with custom terms designed to align the agreement with asseessed risk.

Proven Patient Engagement
OpiSafe is designed by RxAssurance, a leader in patient engagement and risk assessment.

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