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Do your virtual care plans align with the future of health care?. Why adopt a telemedicine solution tied to the legacy fee-for-service world? We can help you implement telemedicine that fits your strategic goals. With CirrusMD your members can access a specialized panel of your own, local doctors from anywhere and without the need for an in-person visit.

Who We Are

CirrusMD gives patients immediate access to providers via secure text messaging so your healthcare organization can excel in a value based care environment.

We were founded in 2012 when co-founder Blake McKinney, an emergency physician, realized the transformative role of telemedicine in the future of health care.

He’d been answering his family’s medical questions for years, but after advising his sister with a sick baby over text and FaceTime, he recognized the power of iPhones and smart devices to fundamentally change the way medical services are delivered.

Since then, CirrusMD has grown from an idea to a dynamic team with a headquarters in Denver, CO and offices in California, Texas and Washington DC.

We provide an asynchronous, text messaging-first platform for healthcare organizations poised to succeed in a value-based care environment. Our platform currently serves over 900,000 people, giving them access to local physicians anytime of day, from any location through their mobile device or computer.

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