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Your customers, prospects, patients and team members are unique. The path to loyalty is defined by their individual wants, needs, & desires. Understanding the specific needs of your target audience is fundamental to innovating and creating new value for your customers or patients or employees. We apply deep customer empathy, through our research, and from there, transform experiences in both consumer and healthcare contexts.

360 degrees of engagement.

Our mobile app is designed to effectively move a patient through prediabetes prevention, simplifying and automating compliance, while addressing the needed psychological, social, and behavioral factors that lead to higher levels of engagement, behavior change, and long-term success. We can significantly impact patient outcomes, quality of life, and cost by combining the best of behavioral psychology, treatment experience research, and elements of proven healthcare delivery models, while enabling the journey with integrated technologies.

Gamified Challenges.

Gamification allows us to harness extrinsic motivation early in the journey to engage patients and start them on their path to long term change. Ultimately we shift away from extrinsic motivation (great for short term behavior change) and towards intrinsic motivators (great for long term change).

Path Driven Success.

Contextualizing the journey is critical for success. Displaying a patient’s progress in terms of their goals gives the user a sense of achievement and sense of place. Adding context also begins to build mindfulness, which is critical for behavior change.

Enabled by Technology.

Tracking nutrition is hard. Remembering to weigh in everyday is difficult. Increasing activity is a challenge. Technology enables us to get rid of the barriers that separate patients from their success. The old standard of manual tracking with months between feedback is transformed to automatic tracking and instant feedback.

The Support of a Community.

We combine the best aspects of in-person and online support groups, then supercharge them with our health coach moderators. Patients are connected to a virtual cohort aligned to their progress in the journey.

Cohort groups are designed as a safe place to give and receive support. Topic groups are available to educate and motivate patients within certain focus areas of their transformation.

Mindfulness Tracking.

A cornerstone of sustainable behavior change is creating mindfulness between actions and consequences. We build mindfulness into every aspect of our application.

Instant feedback. Just-in-time motivation. Displaying the effect that nutrition and activity have on mood. We’re constantly creating interactions where patients feel their success and learn from their setbacks.

Support from Us.

Sometimes a nudge is all a patient needs to reengage. The old standard is void of accountability. In our ecosystem, a patient is automatically nudged… then texted… then called by a health coach according to our accountability algorithm. We’re not Big Brother, but we want to give patients every chance for success.

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