Member Plans

Membership Plans

Your Community membership is Free, For Life and provides the basics to own and manage your well-being.
In addition, we offer the following affordable premium membership plans with scaled features to meet your needs.

Your Community Membership is Free, For life and enables you with:
Lifescape Journal
Proactive Wellness Plan
Personal Health Records
Private Messaging
Personal Plus
($3/m) $36 billed annually
Added features for individuals
All Community Features
Text Message Reminders
Bio-metric Analytics
Prosperity Tracking
Care Advocate
($5/m) - $60 billed annually
Advocating for family and friends.
All Personal Plus Features
3 Advocacy Connections
3 Advocate Groups
Mobile App Interfaces *
($6/m) - $72 billed annually
For Heads of Households
All Advocate Features
5 Full Dependent Records
Private Family Group(s)
Partner Connect Groups