My Well-being Advocacy – Give/Get Support

My Dependents

With your Well-being Advocate membership you can take your support network to the next level and give or receive the gift of Care Advocacy. The person you wish to be the Advocate of must be at least a registered Community Member.

Becoming an Advocate is different from adding support network Buddies or Partners as we have provided in your My Community section. Buddies and partners do not have access to your online, real-time Personal Health and Wellness Records. Buddies and partners only have access to your information (messages and/or files) when your share them via messages or email.

You must know the member’s email address to send your request. The email will contain a unique one-time authorization code which the recipient will then need to accept. Once accepted, you will receive an email response that your offer has been accepted and be granted access to their account.

We use secure, one-time transaction authorization codes – sent via email – to validate both Advocate Request(s) and Advocate Offer(s) between the two parties, assuring consent. Manage your Offers and Requests responsibly!