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My Lifescape Journal

You can view, manage, and print all of your completed Health, Wellness, and Prosperity information, gathered from your Health, Wellness, Prosperity and Key Bio-metric entries. You must Register and be Logged In to access your private and secure Lifescape Journal.

MySalus Lifescape Journal
Total Engagement Points = [gamipress_sum_of_points points_type=”wellness-points,health-points,prosperity-points,advocacy-points” current_user=”yes” inline=”yes”]

Section 1 -My Personal Health Record
1.1  My Personal Information edit
1.2  My Health History Record edit
1.3  My Health Well-being Action Plan edit
Health Points = [gamipress_sum_of_points points_type=”health-points” current_user=”yes” inline=”yes”]

Section 2 – My Key Bio-metrics Tracking
2.1  My Bio-metrics Tracking edit
Bio-Metrics Points = [gamipress_sum_of_points points_type=”tracking-points” current_user=”yes” inline=”yes”]

Section 3 – My Well-being Action Plan
3.1  My Well-being Awareness edit
3.2  My Well-being Goals edit
3.3  My Well-being Action Plan edit
Wellness Points = [gamipress_sum_of_points points_type=”wellness-points” current_user=”yes” inline=”yes”]