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In the MySalus Marketplace, you are able to Discover, Decide and Connect with participating professional public and private well-being support partners. Partners are organized into categories to help you find partners to meet your well-being needs.

Our Partners Directory (for Registered Members) provides you with the ability to browse, search, find, and connect with our growing Partner Community, providing you with health, wellness, and prosperity alternatives.

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Engaging Customers, Clients, & Patients

Your customers, prospects, patients and team members are unique. The path to loyalty is defined by their individual wants, needs, & desires. Understanding the specific needs of your target audience is fundamental to innovating and creating new value for your customers or patients or employees. We apply deep customer empathy, through our research, and from there, transform experiences in both consumer and healthcare contexts.

The Virtual Healthcare Platform

Do your virtual care plans align with the future of health care?. Why adopt a telemedicine solution tied to the legacy fee-for-service world? We can help you implement telemedicine that fits your strategic goals. With CirrusMD your members can access a specialized panel of your own, local doctors from anywhere and without the need for an in-person visit.

CMS also created the CMS Education Foundation

Founded in 1871, the Colorado Medical Society (CMS) is the largest organization of physicians in Colorado, with over 7,500 members across all specialties and employment settings. Organized as a Colorado nonprofit 501(c)(6), corporation, CMS operates with 12 full-time staff with over 200 combined years of experience working for physicians in organized medicine.

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Better Information, Better Healthcare

Improving healthcare through enhanced use of information technology and data exchange is the heart of what we do. As an independent, nonprofit organization, we are dedicated to serving all of Colorado’s healthcare stakeholders including physicians, hospitals, behavioral health, emergency medical services, public health, long-term care, laboratories, imaging centers, health plans, communities and patients.

Improved well-being. Delivered daily.

We send you a challenge every day. You do it and mark it Done. Share with friends and family. Simple!

We’ll make it easy to find the best plan for you.

At GoHealth, we pioneered the health insurance technology industry. We started out as innovators with big ideas who transformed into industry leaders. Similar to health care, our technological approach is constantly evolving, but our main goal has and always will be the same: to provide families and individuals with affordable health insurance.

The Power of Community

Healthcare is a web-based knowledge management system and community portal that supports healthcare transformation. The site has features that facilitate the quality improvement efforts of organizations and individuals by enabling them to share their knowledge, resources, and experiences.

A powerful learning tool for wellness, injury and disease self-care

Healthy Tutor…is the best educational program available on the internet to help you understand your health, and family health needs. Healthy Tutor…helps you understand how to stay healthy, take care of yourself and avoid hospitalization!

When Living Holistically Well Matters, We Provide Solutions

We know that every human being is made up of structure, physiology, emotion and spirit. When one area is suffering, it affects all the others. We have practical, scientific means to address any system that needs re-balancing. Our goal is to teach our patients to really listen to their bodies.

The Impact Finance Center catalyzes investments that produce enduring value

The Impact Finance Center is dedicated to catalyzing investments that produce enduring value for the investor, society, and our environment. We believe that every investment has an impact – our job is to help our clients and partners understand those impacts on a broader scale and maximize the benefits while minimizing unintended harm.

Partner Storefronts provide you with a searchable summary of our business partners so that you can easily shop for, find, and connect with partners that meet your health, wellness, and prosperity goals.