Welcome Visitors! – Community Orientation 

Pillars of the MySalus Community

The majority of the community is open to Visitors to learn, explore, and engage in the community. Your My Home provides registered members with a personal, permanent, and secure Well-being Management System. Below we explain the three sections (pillars, color coded) of the Community.

Your personal well-being efforts are leveraged with a community support system.

Community Growth

MySalus is built on the empowerment of a community engaged in both personal and societal holistic well-being, believing that through the power of community, significant change can be accomplished.

  My Home

Be the empowered owner of your electronic health, wellness and prosperity information and be engaged.

Portable electronic records:


Learn, Share and Connect to other members and partners to achieve holistic well-being insights and support.

Learn, connect, share, grow:

  Main Street

Find, shop, connect and build your holistic health, wellness and prosperity partners that best meet your holistic needs.

Find, choose alternatives:

Where you begin your journey depends on your personal interests and needs for an integrated well-being community, support, and management system. For answers to Frequently Asked Questions, click here

We believe it is better to holistically treat the causes vs. treating symptoms medically.

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Engaged Holistic Well-being, helps avoid the high healthcare costs of being sick. As a Registered MySalus Community Member, My Home will be your private and secure area of the community to enable your holistic well-being ownership.

We walk you through the process of building your Holistic Well-being Records, which typically takes approximately 30 minutes. Use your mouse to pause/zoom/scroll the preview images below.

Find and connect with Public and Private business Partners who treat causes vs. symptoms.

MySalus Holistic Partners

On Mainstreet you are able to Shop, Discover, Decide and Connect with participating partners that have been organized into searchable categories to easily find partners based on your interests and needs, all in an advertising-free environment.

Healthcare consumers are changing the market, looking for cost-effective holistic well-being offerings.  Check out our growing list of Main Street partners.

We award you points wherever you see the Personal Community, and Partner engagement icons throughout the site, reccognizing your engagement to being well and transforming the status quo. You can choose to hide or show your personal badges on your Community Profile page.

    15 pts – For becoming a Registered Member and each new member referral
    10 pts – For updating your community profile
    5 pts – For each social share to your network(s)

    5 pts – For each 5 minutes of video and each document viewed, rated
    1 pt – For exploring the community and viewing (clicking on links)
    1 pt – For viewing Member/Partner Posts Stage

      10 pts – For commenting on Member/Partner Posts Park
      5 pts – For each comment to Member/Partner Article Stage
      5 pts – Creating each new Park Forum Posting

      18 pts – For creating and maintaining your (Stage) Articles
      10 pts – For creating and maintaining each new (Park) Forum Topic
      5 pts – For each new community friendship established
        Badge Points Awarded Badges Achieved
        100 pts – Registered Member Badge 100 pts Pending
        100 pts – Community Learner Badge 180 pts Pending
        100 pts – Community Contributor Badge 180 pts Pending
        100 pts – Community Leader Badge 180 pts Pending
        100 pts – PHR, Ownership 180 pts Pending
        100 pts – Challenge Active Badge 180 pts Pending
        100 pts – “Analytics Aware” Badge 180 pts Pending
        100 pts – Partnered Badge 180 pts Pending