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Focusing on Well-being is taking place in many ways — changing the focus on being and staying well vs. a reactionary reliance on traditional health care. Our curated Podcasts include popular podcasts from around the internet. Simply click on the podcast of interest to listen.

Learn, Think, Grow, Transform

Dr. Debi Silber of the PBT Institute discusses unpacking past emotional baggage, self-awareness, and conquering self-sabatoge for lasting change.

Dr. Serrano and Dr. Foley are passionate about teaching people the truths about health and healing. No one wants to be sick, suffering, in pain and taking medications. Why do . . . so many of us end up there? We believe it is because we are never taught the principles of health and healing, and more importantly, we are not taught how to apply these principles to our lives. There are two approaches to health: you can wait until disease happens and fight the symptoms, or you can stop fighting disease and begin building health. Ultimately this is what we all want, to build health so you can reverse disease or better yet, never develop disease in the first place. Listen in as we tackle some of the most prevalent topics in health and interview top health professionals on how to build health by unlocking the great physician within.
This is part 2 of the “Winning My Race” series and today is all about learning what your passion and purpose in life is. God put a power inside of us that will change us mind, . . . body and soul and the docs don’t want you to miss out on understanding all of what that means for your health. From patients who are 60 years old and killing it in cross fit to pastors who are 90 and still going strong. Life only gets sweeter from where you are now.
This is a program to help you find peace in your health journey. Dr. Serrano shares a personal story about why he is so passionate about Winning My Race. And the docs share . . . some revealing statistics about our health as a nation, and how they want to change those stats and give you freedom and restoration in your life.

Why Owning your health can be a prosperous mindset and is the foundation of your well-being.