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Focusing on Well-being is taking place in many ways — changing the focus on being and staying well vs. a reactionary reliance on traditional health care. Our curated documents include downloadable forms, info-graphics and more. Simply click on the document to see/select an option.

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23-10-2015 1:24
A1C Levels Chart I Diabetes Reversal Tips
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03-12-2015 1:48 370 downloads Download
23-10-2015 1:30
Mobile Commons eBook - Text Messaging for Patient Engagement
422 downloads Download
23-10-2015 1:34
Mobile Health Technologies Session Slides
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18-02-2017 13:05 339 downloads Download
23-10-2015 1:36
Telehealth for Type 2 Diabetes 2014
313 downloads Download
06-04-2016 2:29
The Future of Patient Engagement in the governance of Shared Data
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