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We all have personal insights gained from our well-being journey. Sharing these insights provides us with valuable knowledge on which to make better, informed well-being decisions. Log on, take a look around and get involved because “Getting involved is a great way to Give, Get, and Grow!”

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Private Groups and Discussion Guidelines

Do stay on topic. Not sure where to post? Our General Discussion is a good choice.  Here are some common sense guidelines:

  • Provide topic specific (Health, Wellness, Prosperity insights.
  • Stay on topic with comments or start a new topic.
  • Respect people’s privacy.
  • Get Permission first before reposting personal communications.
  • No spam – inappropriate self or business promotions.
  • Don’t share anyone else’s personal information.
  • Respond to any issues without getting personal.
  • Don’t share anything illegal, threatening, or offensive.

You are most likely a part of other community organizations and groups. As a Premium Member, you can establish and manage these group as part of their broader MySalus Community, allowing private group focused activity.

  •    Family Groups
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  •    Support Groups
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  •    Special Interests
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  •    Employer Groups
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  •    Physician Groups
thumbnail image description Being and staying holistically well takes discipline, dedication, and support. We recognize your hard work and award you point-based badges wherever you see the – Personal, – Community, and – Partner engagement icons throughout the site. Accumulated points lead to earning Badge Awards which in turn lead to earning Achievements as described below.

Our goal is to make the MySalus Community and engaging and valuable resource for you to engage in and own your Holistic Well-being. Once you are logged in as a Registered Member you will be able to track the accumulation your Well-being Achievements, Badges and Well-being Engagement Points (WEPs).

As you begin engaging in various activities in the community, you will notice that you automatically are awarded point sof those activities.

Community Learner Badge
185 Community Points
Community Contributor Badge
100 Community Points
Enabled Well-being Badge
100 Health Points
Community Leader Badge
100 Community Points