Ways to Contribute – Paying It Forward

Growing the MySalus Community

Make a difference in your life and of those you help. We have made volunteering in the MySalus community easy.  Sharing encourages others to share too and is good for your health and your happiness. It’s a beautiful cycle. Make volunteering a part of your busy schedule.

What You Can Do to Contribute

Being an active contributor in Town Hall Articles and Community Center Blog Postings Pays-It-Forward and helps others gain from your well-being insights.

Volunteer Member Activities help grow the Community

Staff Volunteer Opportunities

  • Social Media, Content publishing Editor/Coordinator
  • Fundraising, Marketing and Promotion expertise
  • Website development – PHP, MySQL, Javascript skills
  • Special Topics Group Moderators

Simpy let us know of your interest(s) by completing and submitting the attached form.

Let us know your Volunteering Interests

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