Meet the MySalus Team 

Team Work

As a startup nonprofit organization, MySalus is in the process of identifying and growing its team of Leaders including management, advisers, staff, board members and you. We are always on the lookout for talent and enthusiasm that aligns with our mission. Contact Us for opportunities to “Join our Team”.


Dave ThompsonDavid S. Thompson
Founder, Executive Director

Dave is a visionary systems thinker and Holistic Well-being advocate who has worn many hats over the years.  His passion is solving complex business problems and implementing innovative and cost effective solutions.  MySalus represents his way of facilitating a paradigm shift in how we view and manage our personal healthcare. His interest in healthcare began with his professional work, finding it both rewarding and motivating helping others, seeing the many opportunities for improvement.  About four years ago, life events drew a sharp focus for me on a personal level, coming to the realization that he was not healthy, well or necessarily happy.  Dave had taken these aspects of life for granted.  After deciding to take ownership of these aspects, he soon found out how hard it is to do so efficiently and effectively. Missing were the personal tools, the insights and support partners he needed to make true and lasting changes in my lifestyle.

Board of Advisers

Jon HernandezJon Hernandez
CEO, PeakMed – Direct Primary Care

Jon started in the healthcare industry in the early 1990’s co-building and developing an early stage claims clearinghouse based out of Colorado Springs, CO. As an entrepreneur, Jon co-developed some of the original data transfer standards in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), and created and managed (pre)adjudication rules supporting highly automated claims processing for both providers and payers. Jon Hernandez has co-founded and/or invested in 22 healthcare based organizations in the past 2 decades. These organizations range from Revenue Cycle Management, Medical Coding, IT Consulting, Credit/Collection Agency, Primary/Urgent/Family Practices, Business Intelligence, Self-Pay Automation, TeleMed, and most recently Employer/Employee Direct Care Delivery models. These combined organizations along with strong strategic partnerships offer a wealth of data and resources delivering unique insights, trends, and eventually, the connections needed to accomplish the optimal Triple Aim results for our community.

Camille Van VurstCamille Van Vurst
Senior Consultant, Health Care Industry

Camille Van Vurst serves as Industry Adviser to MySalus.  Accomplished Business Transformation Specialist bringing over 20 years of experience engaging C-level healthcare executives and providers in the development of healthcare products, technology and business strategies to achieve short and long-term business objectives.  Camille’s depth and breadth of the healthcare industry make her a highly sought after trusted adviser across the spectrum of healthcare. Camille achieves trusted relationships to develop the strategic direction through understanding the current and emerging future state of products, strategy, and determining the most effective and efficient ways to bridge the gap. With a proven record as a thought leader bringing disparate groups together, providing entrepreneurial leadership with a strong business process and product development expertise.