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Growing the MySalus Community

Your Contributions Build Community and provide three primary ways for you to support the community’s sustainability, and availability to all.  You can support the community by making a donation, volunteering your time – as a community content contributor and/or by …..

MySalus Donations

We believe MySalus represents a unique Well-Being opportunity to affect real and sustainable change in how we achieve health, wellness, and prosperity.  Your donations go to fund Program Outreach,  $50K  – MySalus Community Building, Program Localization,  $100K – Local In-Community Chapters, and Program,  $150K – Staffing additions.

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What will your donation(s) fund?

MySalus VolunteeringMySalus is a start-up non-profit currently volunteer-based organization, and we’re looking for special individuals to help us grow!  Have a passion for Change and want to make a difference?  Want to try building your well-being network with others passionate as you?  In need of volunteer hours either for your school or a resume?  Contact us and we will get back quickly.

We have made volunteering in the MySalus community easy.  Our current opportunities are:

  • Topics of Personal Interest – Blogging on specific health, wellness and/or prosperity topic(s) of interest to you
  • Forum Moderation – Start or share your insights on topics discussed in our Group Forums
  • Learning content contributions – documents, videos, webinars
  • Public partnership referrals – Articles, Events, Announcements
  • Website developers – PHP, MySQL, Java
  • Web-based social media Marketing and Promotion expertise
We reward your community engagement with activity and achievement recognition within the community. Read more about Community Engagement here.

  • Studies have shown that volunteering is good for your health and your happiness.
  • Volunteering is also a great tool in fighting depression and/or isolation when you are helping others.
  • Following your passion is key and sharing your life experiences can help others you might not have met.

Don’t be reluctant to make a change and it’s good to jump in with a — just do it – spirit. Making a commitment may be the best way to make volunteering a part of your busy schedule.

MySalus Pay It Forward OpportunitiesMySalus leverages its ability for members and partners to “Pay it Forward” by providing personal stories of challenges and accomplishments.  Giving back encourages others to give back too. It’s a beautiful cycle.

What You Can Do – Contribute Your Story

  • Instead of just reading a community member’s blog or discussion posting(s) link to and/or comment on their blog, post their post in your blog, and help someone out in need.
  • Have video (YouTube, Vimeo, other) to share? Let us know and we can get it posted in the community.
  • Have other ideas for the community to Pay It Forward? Be creative!!! Contact Us