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Own Your Permanent, Portable, and Holistic Well-being.

Taking ownership of your well-being makes a difference on a level

Our Mission is to empower all individuals to engage in and own their holistic well-being.

Our Vision is to provide a Well-being Community of empowered individuals who engage in and advocate for affordable health and wellness ownership and policy.

For Today, Tomorrow, and Our Kids’ Future

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Well-being Ownership allows you to Be …

Community Support
Main Street
Main Street Partners

So You Can


Enlightened Decisions

Resources to Make Informed Health and Wellness Decisions

Electronically Enabled

Access, Share Your Life Journal Records Anytime, Anywhere

Holistic Empowerment

Support Network of Member/ Partner Experience, Expertise



For Well-being Ownership

People Helping People with the Strength of Joined Voices
Families doing well

For Self, Family, Dependents

Being and staying well affordably has become harder in our outdated and unsustainable healthcare system.

With our free Well-being Management System, you are empowered with a portable health and wellness system for life.

Premium Members can extend their Well-being Management System capabilities to Dependents and others they care for.

For Community and Society

Community Members and Partners join together to promote being and staying well through empowered well-being ownership and mutual community support.

Members can expand their Well-being Support Network(s) by sharing privately with Family, Friends, and care professionals.

Non-Members have access to all community resources other than their own private, secure Well-being Management System.


Say Goodbye to:

Limited choice, non-transparent costs, inconvenience, and inefficiency.


Empowered Personal Well-being, with greater holistic choice, and efficiency.

Say Hello to:

Enlightened choice, enabled by a secure Well-being Management System.

Let's Do Something Great!

Together, let's change the overall health and well-being paradigm of the nation.
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Built for People, Not for Profit
As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, MySalus serves only its members’ interests, free from advertising.  
Program Funding relies on donations, membership upgrades, and grants to fund operations.