Improve the Present, Change the Future

By Owning Your Health, Wellness, and Prosperity.

Well-being Ownership with MySalus

Person Centered Well-being

MySalus is a community for those who want to control and improve their total well-being - mind, body, and spirit.

MySalus provides resources and tools to do this and to advocate for people to own their health and wellness information in one secure location.

We believe that when people have knowledge and are provided with information and new ideas that they will make decisions that will help them to live healthier lives.

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  • * Membership - Free for Life
  • * Empowered Choice
  • * Portability of Personal Records
  • * Illuminating Conversations
  • * Support Buddy Network
  • * Professional Care Network
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  • * Empowered Choice
  • * Records Portability
  • * Candid Conversations
  • * Support Buddy Network
  • * Professional Care Network

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One Community, Many Opportunities to

Be Well

Personal health, wellness, and prosperity Management System.

Stay Well

Build your family, friends, and partners well-being Buddy Support Network.

Do Well

Make an impact by sharing your well-being insights to help others.


Better Decisions

Make Informed Consumer Well-being Decisions

Support Network

Mutual interests and goals empower achieving success

Portable, Enabled

Access and Share Your Records Anytime, Anywhere



Drive Change

Increase your impact, with the power of "Joined Voices"

Make a difference on a level, for life.

Say Goodbye to:

Limited choices, obscure costs, inconvenience, and inefficiency.


Enabled Personal Well-being, with greater holistic choice, and efficiency.

Say Hello to:


Empowered choice, amplified by a collective voice to affect change.

Let's Do Something Great Together!

Let's Get America Well Again.
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Free For Life
Built for People, Not for Profit
As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation (P.B.C.), MySalus serves only its members’ interests.  
Program Funding relies on donations, membership upgrades, and grants to fund operations.
MySalus Partnership Collaboration

Become a Community Well-being Partner

"Getting America Well" will take collaborative partnerships between members and partners, providers, and employers, spanning both public and private sectors.

In addition to member/partner community connections, we have established a Partner Portal for Well-being Partner collaborations. Learn more.